As part of an educational series that I am working on I will be featuring some of the videos that I am pumping out when they are relevant to self sovereign identity and blockchain. In this one “What Does Self Sovereign Identity Mean For My Business” he provides a quick summary of what Self Sovereign Identity means for Businesses.

So let’s get to it?

What Does Self Sovereign Identity Mean For My Business?

If you want just dive in here with the video go ahead. (more below the video)

Those two questions that the best business owners consider are simple – and powerful:

  • What don’t I see?
  • What don’t I know?

The answers to those questions are where you find the competitive edge – if you look. It you ignore them you do so at the risk of missing opportunities or not seeing a change that severely impacts your business.

Here are the questions that you should be asking yourself if you’re in business:

  • What would happen if I don’t jump on this train?
  • What would it mean if I didn’t have to own my customer’s digital identity and established a deep digital relationship with them instead?
  • Do I have the capacity to learn about this? If not, who do you trust to figure it out – both on business and technical sides.
  • When digital identity becomes a revenue driver and asset for your business what changes? (hint: top and bottom line)
  • Which of my competitors are probably already doing this?

Leave any questions in the comments!

Be awesome!


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