Thanks to all for participating in the Digital Identity Trends To Watch & 2021 Redux webinar on January 19th, 2022. For the attendees and those folks that couldn’t make it, we’ve put together a breakdown and some key items for you.

Recording of Digital Identity Trends to Watch and 2021 Redux

PDF presentation of the Digital Identity Trends to Watch and 2021 Redux

To begin with, Darrell talked about his top 5 stories from 2021:

Afterward, Darrell points out a few key digital identity trends to keep an eye on in the SSI space for 2022.

Also, look at our past webinars and the breakdown on Trust Registries and The Digital Wallet Report Update. In addition, they provide great content to help you navigate and understand the SSI world.


Some great questions were sent in; we value and appreciate your engagement! The question period started at about 45:00. Some did come in earlier and were touched on throughout the presentation. Here is a run down of what we covered:

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