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We created The Trust Continuum™ framework to simplify the creation of trusted ecosystems. We’ve successfully applied this strategy across multiple industries. While our framework goes very deep, our key strategies are pretty simple.

The Trust Continuum™ has been created to align with the Trust Over IP 4-Layer model (we’re one of the founders of ToIP).

Three vital strategic areas of work exist: Business & Governance, Technology, and our Dual Stack strategies.

Business & Governance

Getting ecosystems governance right is critical to creating a healthy environment for all players.

  • Provide the protections that organizations require to participate
  • Ensure compliance and manage risk
  • Foster innovation and drive growth


Dual Stack

Business & Governance require alignment with Technology.

  • Business and Technology needs
  • Everyone plays on a level playing field
  • The growth and evolution of your ecosystem is managed


Technical Strategy

Make the right investments that enable growth and competitive advantage.

  • Avoidance of vendor lock-in.
  • Handling of technological change.
  • Definitely point at compliance suites so your vendors don’t point at you


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A Phased Approach

Creating and growing your trust-based ecosystem.

Discovery & Analysis

Whether your ecosystem already exists or is in the earliest of stages we will conduct an ecosystem assessment to deeply understand your goals and how the various players fit together.

Build & Develop

Work to create the infrastructure and systems necessary to support trust-based ecosystems. This includes building technical capabilities, developing policies and procedures, and establishing governance structures.

Lifecycle & Evolution

Ecosystems will go through unique stages, each with its own characteristics, which must be considered when planning. As the ecosystem matures, it develops unique characteristics that must be nurtured.


Finance & FinTech

Organizations in the Finance and Fintech Industries are under pressure to transform to stay competitive digitally. We’ve worked in Open Banking, compliance, cross-border transactions, and many more areas. Our team was behind the first production use case of SSI – in the US banking/credit union industry. From early ideas, discovery, through to production we help guide your team to success.


Our Trust Continuum methodology can help startups get grounded and start on the right foot by providing a clear and actionable framework for implementing trust-based ecosystems. Building trust in your MVP and customer development process from the beginning can create a strong foundation for sustainable growth.


Most government organizations have been slow to adapt to new technologies. This is often due to the bureaucracy involved in making changes on a large scale. However, with our Trust Continuum methodology, government organizations can help make that digital transformation much easier.


The cryptocurrency space faces unique compliance challenges due to the (mostly) decentralized and global nature of the industry. The compliance landscape is constantly changing, with new regulations and guidance issued regularly.  Our Trust Continuum methodology offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help organizations meet compliance obligations.

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