Trust Registry Task Force

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Digital Identity, Standards, Trust Registries

You’ll be hearing much about Trust Registries from us over the next few months. In particular, two things are driving this activity – the kickoff of work that Darrell O’Donnell is leading at the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP) and the growing understanding that Trust Registries play a massive role in our future. 

Organizations worldwide are waking up to the need for Trust Registries throughout their operations. Whether the need is industry-specific (e.g. healthcare, education, and finance) or internal, a new urgency is forming

 As we prepare for this push, we will share a few things to help ground your team with some solid basics.

This week we’re highlighting the ToIP Trust Registry Task Force.

The Task Force is made up of several international experts who are developing a set of standards that organizations can use to integrate Trust Registries into their decentralized ecosystems.  These standards will cover multiple issues, including how to add and remove entities, verify the Registry’s information, and keep the Registry up to date. Trust Registries will amplify trust and collaboration in the digital world by enabling individuals and organizations to verify digital assets and transactions securely.

The ToIP Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving the security and trustworthiness of the Internet. The Foundation comprises representatives from various organizations, including MasterCard, IBM, Accenture, and dozens of other digital trust experts. 

We welcome individuals with various backgrounds to join us and share their knowledge and expertise. If this interests you or your organization, we hope you consider joining the working group!

Ecosystems are evolving – quickly, and it’s time to start thinking about how we will manage trust and reputation and how Trust Registries help to anchor the trust we need in our systems. 

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