Thanks to those that attended our Trust Registries Webinar.
For the attendees and those folks that couldn’t make it, here are a few things for you.

Link to the recording

Trust Registries Webinar 08SEP2021 – PDF of the presentation from the webinar (added 2021-09-21)

Trust Over IP Trust Registry Task Force where we are developing the:

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Pan-Canadian Trust Framework – The Public Sector Profile drove a lot of the CIO Strategy Council standard CAN/CIOSC 103-1:2020, Digital Trust and Identity – Part 1 Fundamentals. The Public Sector Profile (not to be confused with the DIACC PCTF which shares the same name but has a different aim) is globally recognized.


Questions started at about 46:30  – though some questions came earlier. We covered:

    • “I don’t trust organizations and corporations” – where we point out the “decentralize the world” approach goes to far.
    • Phoning home – (hint: no it doesn’t need to phone home)
    • Where are Holders Authorized? (hint: Knowing if you can trust Bubba’s Wallet may be more important…)
    • Canadian Digitial Identities are emerging – can startups leverage this?
    • Explain the Role of Government in ecosystems.
    • “Can a third party discover who I trust from a trust registry?”
    • How will interoperability work between trust registries?

As to where we need to go, we covered that in the Trust Registries Webinar as well…

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