Trust Registries Tweetstorm

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Digital Identity, Trust Registries

Darrell’s tweetstorm over the weekend has been getting a lot of attention (Threadreader unroll here). We want to start a conversation on Trust Registries and get people thinking about how Trust Registries will help answer the hard questions an ecosystem needs to create a whole experience. 

He points out the easy questions we already know to ask:

However, there is much more to explore – many other questions are just as essential. We are starting the v2.0 of the Trust Registry Protocol Specification over at the ToIP Foundation to further investigate some of these questions.

A few things to mull over are below:

The Trust Registry Task Force will discuss the questions above at the end of this month. We are starting the Trust Registry Protocol Specification next week, and you are welcome to join us at the Task Force meeting. We would love to have individuals with diverse backgrounds join us and share their knowledge and expertise. If this interests you or your organization, we hope you consider joining the working group!

Ecosystems are evolving – quickly, and its time to start thinking about how we will manage trust and reputation and how Trust Registries help to anchor the confidence we need in our systems.

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