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We received an interesting question recently about the value of trust registries in decentralized ecosystems. The question was, “aren’t trust registries only useful for onboarding?” It got us thinking about how trust registries are critical in onboarding and helpful throughout decentralized ecosystems.

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One of the most obvious uses of trust registries is in the onboarding process; they play an essential role in the process by:

  • Signalling information from authoritative issuers, which is crucial in establishing trust and ensuring that only authorized parties have access to specific resources and services.
  • Providing wallets with an idea of who they should interact with during onboarding.
  • Helping onboarding participants understand what information is required and what is considered “normal.”  We are often asked to present far too much – or even illegal – information. 

Let’s explore how trust registries can be helpful throughout decentralized ecosystems.

A foundation for informed decisions.

Trust registries play an important role in reputation management by providing a foundation for individuals and organizations to make informed decisions. They do this by recording an individual or organization’s past interactions, behaviours, and other attributes, which can then be used to establish the authority behind various elements that contribute to an aggregate reputation. Reputation is subjective and determined by the perceptions of others, but trust registries can provide objective information to support the formation of those perceptions, allowing one to ground their decisions.

Simplify meeting legal obligations.

Trust registries can also help ensure compliance with digital laws and regulations. By storing and managing digital identities, attributes, and other information about members of a decentralized network, trust registries can help organizations meet their legal obligations to protect customer information and prevent fraud. Staying current with the latest technological advancements is crucial in today’s digital age.

Promote collaboration and communication.

Finally, trust registries can facilitate interoperability inside and between different ecosystems by answering players’ technical questions. Integrators need to know the roles and players in an ecosystem, data formats (credential types, schema), usage (presentation requests and overlays), and underlying information (e.g. DID methods supported/not supported)  across various ecosystems. The potential for interconnected, decentralized networks to promote collaboration and communication is vast, and we can take advantage of this potential by developing more robust ecosystems and creating positive change.

Gatekeepers of trust and security

Trust registries are the gatekeepers of trust and security in a decentralized ecosystem. They are the backbone that enables the verification of identities, the authentication of key systems and the authorization of access to resources and services. Trust registries are not only crucial during the onboarding process, but they also play a vital role throughout the entire decentralized ecosystem. They provide a foundation for reputation management and compliance with digital laws and regulations and facilitate interoperability between decentralized networks. In short, trust registries are the key to unlocking the potential of decentralized networks. They provide:

  • A foundation of trust and security.
  • Enabling collaboration and communication.
  • Streamline compliance with digital laws and regulations

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