Today, the Linux Foundation announced the creation of the Trust Over IP Foundation. The Trust Over IP Foundation intends to guide the building of the digital trust layer for the internet. We are proud to be a Founding Member and member of the Steering Committee.

Trust on the internet is fundamentally broken. We share information with third parties that we don’t know. We can’t connect directly to people and organizations that we do know. The Trust Over IP Foundation’s mission is to fix this problem.

Created after over a year of effort, the Trust Over IP Foundation creates a place for governance and business to lead, guide, and harness the innovation that is already underway in various communities. While technology leaders have had various places (e.g. HyperledgerDIFW3C CCG, IIW) to build technology, the community has been lacking guidance in governance and business cases that drive adoption.

Businesses, governments, and people need to know how technology is going to improve their lives. The Trust Over IP Foundation allows us to ensure that as the internet continues to evolve it will have a foundational layer of trust baked in. In time people will know when they can trust the party at the other end. Right now it is a guess at best – and we don’t generally know who else is listening in and watching.

We are proud to join numerous clients (e.g. CULedger and BC Government) and partner companies that we have been working on within our digital identity and digital trust efforts.

May 5, 202


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The leaders we work with know that trust on the Internet isn’t working. They want to start building deep trust with their customers and partners. Our clients are investing, as are we, in the Trust Over IP Foundation. We all want to make sure we are involved in building the digital trust layer that the Internet needs. The technology works – now it is about building business cases and governance.

– Darrell O’Donnell, P.Eng – President & CEO – Continuum Loop Inc.

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