Announcement: The First Public Review Draft Of The TOIP Technology Architecture V1.0 Specification

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Written by Continuum Loop


The Trust over IP Foundation (ToIP) is pleased to announce the first public review draft of the ToIP Technology Architecture V1.0 Specification. This document specifies the architectural requirements for the ToIP Technology Stack, including its purpose, functionality, actor responsibilities, and interactions with other systems.

ToIP’s goal is to define an all-encompassing blueprint for Internet-scale digital trust that unites cryptographic assurance at the machine layers (technology) with human accountability at the business, legal, and social layers (governance). These two parts form a complete four-layer architecture for decentralized digital trust infrastructure, known as the ToIP stack.


The Public Review Process

We invite all technical experts to provide constructive feedback on this document during the public review phase, which starts on November 14th, 2022. To provide feedback, please follow these steps:

  1. Identify the section(s) of the specification upon which you wish to comment or suggest an improvement.
  2. Go to the GitHub Issues page for the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification.
  3. Review the list of open issues to see if there is already one pertaining to the section(s) upon which you wish to comment. If so, click on that issue, scroll to the bottom, type your comment, and click “Comment.”
  4. Otherwise, follow these instructions to create a new issue. Please prefix the name of your new issue with the section number to which it pertains, e.g., “Section 6.4:….”
  5. The first time you submit a comment or a new issue, you must agree to the Contributor License Agreement to keep the specification open and royalty-free for all.

The GitHub Discussions page is also available to ask questions or start a conversation about the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification.

This first public review draft represents over a thousand collective hours of work by members of the Technology Architecture Task Force of the ToIP Technology Stack Working Group.

If you’re interested in participating in future versions of the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification, we invite you to join the ToIP Foundation. You can join for free as a contributor and get involved in working groups and task forces or as a steering committee member to drive change as a voting member.

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