Darrell and Drummond would like to thank those that attended The Digital Wallet Report Update. For the attendees and those folks that couldn’t make it, here’s a breakdown for you.

Link to the recording

The Digital Wallet Report – 2019

The Digital Wallet Report – 2021 Update – PDF of the digital wallet report 2021 update presentation from the webinar

Trust Registries Webinar (Sept. 2021)

Darrell and Drummond discussed what we got wrong (and right) in The Digital Wallet Report, some key points:

  • Single use wallet apps took off because they solve a single business problem. While Darrell notes that DIDComm is slow to take off, Drummond doubles down and says they’ll be the killer of what we now know as SSI and that next year they’ll be doing the DIDComm update!
  • Darrell’s forecast for Cloud/Custodial Digital Wallets was wrong, he notes that the demand is there but security remains a problem and SSI principles are compromised, but solutions are beginning to form. They discuss portability and how it remains a current problem.
  • We discussed how Digital Wallet Standards and Interoperability are still in the very early stages and remain elusive. Darrell also touches on stacks and how governments and industry around the world are starting to pick this technology. Check out Ian Bremmer’s Article: 3 Risks Poised to Disrupt a Fast-Changing World by 2021
  • Darrell touches on the Trust Registries section of the Digital Wallet Report and its public and private version. He talks about how the trust triangle isn’t enough. How does the verifier know that the issuer is authoritative? Is the Public DID anchored to a real institution? Does the holder trust the verifier?


Our Question Period started at about 50:23 – though some questions did come in earlier and were touched on through the presentation. We had so many questions an couldn’t answer them all, here is a run down of what we covered:

Big Thanks to Drummond for taking on the Digital Wallet Report webinar with Darrell! Don’t forget to check out evernym’s Travel Pass, a highly secure and privacy-preserving digital credential solution that enables organizations to instantly verify travel and health documents.

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