The Art of Saying No

by | May 10, 2022 | Information Exchange, Leadership, Pattern Breakers

In this short videoTessa Davis of Don’t Forget the Bubbles shares her five tips on the Art of Saying No. Davis explains that being prepared by setting some rules and boundaries beforehand is essential to saying no respectfully. She recommends having a clear reason for saying no, being able to communicate that reason, and standing behind your decision. Davis ends with how to decline while avoiding burning bridges and saying no without regrets. She emphasizes thinking of the benefits of saying no: more time to focus on another project, more time with your family or doing something for yourself, reminding us that these are great reasons to say no and are favourable to our lives.

I wanted to share this video because it meshes well with a blog that Darrell wrote in 2018, “Say No With Grace.” Darrell gives a lot of great examples for start up’s on when to say no and the best ways to approach this most awkward encounter. Tessa dives a little deeper with a clear action plan to master the art of saying no that you can apply anywhere in your life. If you feel overwhelmed with requests or are always taking on too much, this video is for you. Check it out!