A short note to point folks at Seth Godin’s recent podcast about Project Debt. He covers some great topics:

  • Technical Debt. Seth covers it well but missed a major cause. That being the shortcuts that are taken to meet deadlines and requirements – with the hope/fantasy that we’ll go back and do them right later (hint: we never do).
  • Project Debt. Seth discusses how it overlaps with technical debt
  • Why saying NO to those simple things may be the best thing. For some hints on how to do that see Say No With Grace.

Give it a listen on Overcast (my fave) or Apple Podcasts.

Akimbo is a weekly podcast created by Seth Godin. He’s the bestselling author of 20 books and a long-time entrepreneur, freelancer and teacher.

You can find out more about Seth by reading his daily blog at seths.blog and about the podcast at akimbo.link.

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