What do we do?


We help you and your company integrate key technologies that are changing the way that business and the internet operate. From enterprise blockchain to decentralized applications, we help our clients harness the power of blockchain technology to create new business models and revolutionize their industries. 

Areas of expertise include:

We pride ourselves on helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry. We establish that they constantly innovate by providing them with cutting-edge insights and strategies. If you aren’t mastering innovation – finding better ways to meet your client’s needs – you’re in trouble. To survive and thrive, your company must be innovating.

However, technology and innovation are challenging – there is too much of a good thing. Approaching innovation and technology is daunting – and you have a business to run. Like the experts you bring in for financial and legal advice, we augment your team to bring appropriate innovation and technology.

This way, you keep making the magic you and your business always have – knowing that technology isn’t about to surprise you and that you’re using it appropriately.

We typically engage in multiple ways:

Coach/Mentor – we work to advise you to confirm you have the skills, strategies, and plans in place to achieve your goals. Our coaching clients improve their bottom and top-line revenue, deliver projects confidently and experience a better quality of life. This combination of results is due to working with our founder Darrell directly as one of the few coaching clients.

Trusted Advisor/Virtual CTO – We work together as a team to make sure your project gets the most value and innovation possible for its budget. As trusted advisors, we ensure you get what you and your organization need. Our clients tell us that we are like virtual CTOs/CIOs – keeping their operational and business needs at heart while dealing with their technology teams.

Team Growth – we engage temporarily to help you grow your team. While you’re building your team of A-players, we help out, especially in sourcing those A-Players – from internal (ideal) and external sources.

Execution – we assemble a team of global leaders and crush your project.

Note: We have special rates for qualified projects with Government and NGOs. By “qualified,” we mean that you’re running projects moving the needle in the Self Sovereign Identity or Blockchain ecosystem. Let’s have a discussion to see if your project qualifies. We partner (co-fund) with leaders in the industry that are producing the new research and learning that the industry needs – typically on an open-source / Creative Commons basis.