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Requirements vs. Stories

Some ideas or concepts are by nature perfect. Look at the wheel, over thousands of years it has remained the same. Humans are natural storytellers and are wired to think in terms of stories. When we hear stories we can’t help but imagine ourselves being inside them. Like the wheel, it has always been this way. It’s not often that things stay the same in the technology ecosystem. This video was shot eight years ago, and it’s still just as relevant in 2022.

In this short video I discuss Requirements vs. Stories and the role they play in the ops and application environment. Sometimes, frustrating discussions can take place around the concept of requirements. There are many players on the contract bringing about different requirements. Everyone wants to understand the deep requirements, but putting them front and centre can create a problem. Players are constantly looking to put a check in the numerous requirement boxes once they’ve been met. The trouble in this comes when you have a mass amount of data to break down. In the ops and application space, there can be a lot going on and far too many moving pieces to meet just the requirements. We don’t instinctively think in terms of requirements. They are there, and they are important, but it is the operational story that matters.

It’s all about the stories.

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