Rare Evo: Open Source & Web3 Merge

Ready for a technological evolution? Discover Rare Evo: Web3 Meets Open Source and witness the fusion shaping tomorrow’s digital realm.

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Written by Continuum Loop


Darrell O’Donnell to Discuss the Convergence of Open Source and Web3 at Rare Evo!

In an era where the lines between traditional open-source software and emerging Web3 technologies blur, industry experts and visionaries come to light the way. Rare Evo, the groundbreaking blockchain convention, is hosting a panel discussion that promises to be the heart and soul of the event. And the spotlight shines brightly on our very own Darrell O’Donnell, Founder and CEO of Continuum Loop.

The Panel: Building Thriving Ecosystems – Open Source meets Web3
Friday August 25th, 2023 @ 2:30 PM MDT

Save the date for a unique session exploring how traditional open-source merges with the innovative world of Web3. This isn’t just talk—it’s a conversation shaping our digital tomorrow.

Joining Darrell on the panel are esteemed personalities like Daniela Barbosa of the Linux Foundation and the dynamic duo of StudentReader, Laura Brugioni and Tony Rose. Together, they promise a discourse packed with insights, experiences, and foresight.

  • Dive into ecosystem building, collaboration, and past, present, and future innovation patterns.
  • Unravel the mysteries and potentialities of Web3 with tales of real-world deployments.
  • Decode the ever-crucial role of governance in leveraging the immense potential of Open Source and Web3 technologies.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Rare Evo: Web3 Meets Open Source

Darrell brings to the table his experiences with Continuum Loop and his involvement with The Trust over IP Foundation. His distinctive perspective on how collaborative technologies shape the future is not to be missed. This is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights from a thought leader who’s not just observing the change but is an active part of the transformation.

A Closer Look at Rare Evo

While the panel discussion with Darrell remains our highlight, Rare Evo, spread over three days, offers many experiences. The convention celebrates the blockchain community’s vibrancy and diversity, from networking opportunities and interactive art installations to after-party events.

Join Us on This Journey

As the worlds of Web3 and Open Source come closer, discussions like these will pave the way forward. This is not just a panel; it’s a vision-sharing session that promises to leave attendees enlightened and inspired.

Event: Rare Evo 2023
Dates: August 24-26, 2023
Venue: Gaylord Rockies Resort, Denver, CO

Come and be a part of this transformative event. Let’s support Darrell as he takes the stage to shape the narrative of Web3 and Open Source’s intertwined future at Rare Evo.

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