Empowering Innovation in the Cardano Ecosystem

Join the Catalyst Community and Ignite Innovation through Funding and Collaboration

Project Catalyst Governance Funding

Empowering Innovation through Project Catalyst Funding

Join the vibrant Cardano ecosystem and unlock innovative possibilities with Project Catalyst‘s decentralized funding. Collaborate with the Cardano community to overcome challenges, drive sustainable progress, and foster ecosystem development. Contribute to the selection of funded projects by presenting detailed proposal plans.

Embracing Experimentation and Collaboration

Fuel innovation within Project Catalyst by embracing experimentation and collaboration. Share your ideas for feedback and review, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of growth and innovation.

Fueling Innovation: Proposals, Projects, and Votes

Discover the power of Project Catalyst’s funding initiatives. With over 4,733 proposed ideas, funding for 1,155 exceptional projects, and a total of 1.74 million votes, the Cardano community actively drives innovation. Join the 485 completed projects that showcase remarkable progress in the ecosystem.

Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems Challenge

Participate in the Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems challenge, a remarkable opportunity within Catalyst Fund 10. Secure crucial resources and support for governance initiatives within the Cardano ecosystem. This challenge is backed by a dedicated 1M ADA fund, driving the creation and expansion of ecosystems.

Accelerating Collaboration in the Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems Challenge

The Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems challenge focuses on identifying key stakeholders within a product concept. It involves allocating funds to developers to engage in productive conversations with these stakeholders. This challenge emphasizes the importance of joining a Governance Framework working group to promote collaborative efforts and share knowledge. By establishing critical relationships and gaining valuable insights at an early stage of development, participants can expedite the process of building appropriate solutions, leading to quicker and more successful business outcomes.

Lead the Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems Challenge

Successful participation in the Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems challenge requires proposers to undertake the following key steps:

  • Complete Atala PRISM Pioneer Program Gain essential knowledge and insights by completing the Atala PRISM Pioneer Program, unlocking the full potential of Atala PRISM.
  • Participate in Governance Framework Workshop Engage in a workshop led by the IOG PSG team to establish effective governance structures, ensuring the success of your project.
  • Join a Governance Framework Working Group Collaborate within a Governance Framework Working Group, like Trust over IP (ToIP), to exchange ideas and best practices in governance.
  • Identify and Understand Stakeholders Identify and understand key stakeholders, including issuers, holders, verifiers, and policymakers, aligning your project with their specific requirements.
  • Establish a Cadence of Meetings and Contributions. Foster ongoing collaboration and engagement by setting up regular meetings and contributions, ensuring the growth of the Ecosystem and Ecosystem Governance.
  • Progress Towards Publishing Governance Framework Make progress towards publishing a comprehensive Governance Framework, providing a clear structure and guidelines for effective governance.
  • Develop Proof of Concept, Pilot, or Commercial Launch. Demonstrate the feasibility and value of your project through the development of a Proof of Concept, Pilot, or commercial launch.

By following these steps, proposers position themselves for success within the Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems challenge, driving innovation and creating impactful solutions within the Cardano community.

Join Project Catalyst and Ignite Innovation

Join the Project Catalyst community and embark on an innovation journey within the Cardano ecosystem! Subscribe to the Catalyst mailing list and become part of the Discord and Telegram communities for updates on the upcoming funding round. Let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and create a future powered by innovation.

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How To Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved with Project Catalyst, from submitting or reviewing a proposal to voting and setting future challenges. Creating an account on the Catalyst collaboration platform is the first step.


You can engage with the community by providing feedback and suggestions on proposals. Your insights help refine and improve the projects.


Register to vote on proposals using the Project Catalyst voting app. Your vote, weighted based on the amount of ADA you hold, is crucial in shaping the funded projects.

Community Advisor

Offer project guidance and mentorship, helping project teams navigate challenges and maximize their potential.

Proposal Reviewer

Contribute your expertise by assessing and evaluating proposals based on impact, feasibility, auditability, and success metrics.


Share your innovative ideas and proposals to solve challenges in various sectors, such as government, healthcare, insurance, identity, energy, real estate, security, and supply chain.


Share your knowledge and experience with project teams, assisting them in refining their business plans and strategies.

Another great way to get involved with the Project Catalyst community is to join the Project Catalyst community at TownHall via Zoom and live-streamed on the Project Catalyst YouTube Channel. If you have a project idea that you’re passionate about, this is a fantastic opportunity to engage with other like-minded individuals and become an integral part of the community.

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