Products Passports & Trust Registries: Solutions in Action

In our previous post, we explored the advantages of Trust Registries and a decentralized ecosystem for Product Passports. Trust Registries are essential for managing trust and reputation; they allow us to confirm that the data shared is accurate and current. Digital product passports have numerous potential uses across industries like transportation, forestry, mining, energy and healthcare. This post showcases some real-world examples of Digital Product Passports and Trust Registries.

Product Circulatory Data Sheet

+ImpaKT has designed the Product Circulatory Data Sheet (PCDS), a universal digital circulatory fingerprint for products. Throughout the supply chain, each provider is responsible for creating and storing the PCDS that will be accessible to customers/users. The data template has pre-set true/false statements, enabling the user to describe a product’s circulatory properties without revealing trade secrets. After a third-party verification process to analyze the PCDS’ validity, the information is shared within a standardized IT exchange protocol that circulates trusted data without relying on a centralized database. This IT exchange protocol is secure and dependable due to the Trust Registry used among 50+ enterprises and affiliate organizations from 12 European countries and the USA. The PCDS is endorsed by NGOs and business frontrunners in the circular economy and is already used in product data forums for the building industry.

Digital Product Passport

Spherity, one of Europe’s leading decentralized digital identity technology providers, has joined the Global Battery Alliance to support the development of the GBA Battery Passport, a solution to boost compliance with EU regulatory requirements. As of January 2026, Companies operating in the EU-wide manufacturing and trade industry will need to comply with the New EU Battery Regulations and will be required to implement a digital product passport. Spherity’s decentralized Digital Product Passport aims to increase trustworthy, verifiable information about batteries, textiles, building materials and electronics; their reuse, content, and recycling process. The Digital Product passport is easy to integrate, interoperable, SAP-Certified and based on W3C Standards. 

The EU Action Plan includes electronics, textiles, construction, plastics and food measures. Product passports make sense in these areas, providing massive opportunities for proactive organizations.  It is critically important to adapt quickly. You can turn new rules and regulations into an opportunity to improve products, drive differentiation and expand into international markets.

You can turn new rules and regulations into an opportunity to improve products, drive differentiation and expand into international markets.

At Continuum Loop, we use our Trust Continuum™ methodology to support leading organizations in integrating trust registries and anchoring them to decentralized ecosystems. Our method is designed to help organizations take advantage of decentralized ecosystems and understand how Trust Registries work. We work with our clients to create and implement a tailored plan for integration and provide ongoing support and advice.

In our next post, we will discuss in detail how our Trust Continuum™ Methodology can bring clarity to your digital transformation. If you are curious about how these technologies could benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your organization’s specific situation. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay current!

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