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Designing, Building, and Nurturing Decentralized Ecosystems

March 22nd, 7AM PST/10AM EST

We’ll be discussing how we go about assisting our clients in the creation of dynamic ecosystems.

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Our team has been working for decades in dynamic, often life-critical, domains where “control” just isn’t a thing. We have blended that experience with some of the best tools and frameworks.

These efforts drive toward simple, executable governance frameworks that create the right conditions for your ecosystem to form and flourish.

Darrell will lead a discussion about how various ecosystems can be understood, explored, designed, built and nurtured. Our tools are all Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0), so you can adopt and adapt them.

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March 2023

Designing, Building, and Nurturing Decentralized Ecosystems

Discover the Trust Continuum™ methodology with Laura Brugioni, discussing’s decentralized education product for trusted ecosystems.
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December 2022

2022 Year in Review

We reviewed 2023 expectations: Trust Registries, Interoperability, Digital Passports, and Darrell shared insights on Wallet Interoperability trends.

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September 2022

Trust Registries – Beyond the Basics

Christine & Darrell answered some questions and discussed the basics of trust registries, the current protocol specification, and what’s next. 

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