Global Standards Mapping Initiative

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Blockchain, Digital Identity, Standards

The Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) is an industry-led effort by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), the leading global industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, to map and assess the blockchain and digital asset landscape. The initiative focuses on five key areas:

  • Legislation and regulatory guidance
  • Technical standards
  • Industry standards and recommendations
  • University courses and degree programs
  • Industry consortia

This past November, the GBBC released The Global Standards Mapping Initiative 2.0, updating the standards published in 2020. The GBBC is a strong proponent of standardization and intends to serve as a baseline for establishing frameworks and standards that will allow for adoption and innovation. Continuum Loop is proud to have collaborated on this project; we are always mindful of the need to promote the ethical adoption of blockchain technology globally.

The report focuses on eight key areas:

  • Regulation Of Digital Assets;
  • Regulation Of Illicit Activity & The Travel Rule;
  • Market Surveillance, Consumer Protection;
  • Innovation: Barriers Vs. Encouragement;
  • Adoption: Institutional Participation;
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (Cbdc); and
  • Taxation.

It’s a comprehensive report full of current and up-to-date information on the blockchain and digital asset landscape.

A New Way of Doing Business

The digital age has revolutionized the way we live and work. As a result, the internet has given rise to a whole new way of doing business and with it, new opportunities for organizations to reach their goals. But as the internet has become more complex, so has the way that organizations can use it to their advantage. We strongly suggest reviewing the report for topics relevant to you and your organization. 

Reach out if you’re feeling behind on things – we’re working with global leaders to help them stay ahead. We want to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything in the ecosystem – not to miss any opportunities or threats.

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