I don’t think we need to fear the crypto bear. If the crypto bubble bursts it may be the best thing to happen in a while. There is a story underneath this madness and that’s where the real magic is. Don't Fear The Crypto Bear

Let’s look at my current favourite piece of madness:

  • A mockCoin has reached nearly USD$1.8Bn (CoinGecko) in market cap (as of 08JAN2018). Dogecoin – I don’t know if it is pronounced “Doggy Coin” but the whole thing was created as a joke. It has no real-world merit – though it is used for tips on the net – but come on. This coin was created as a joke – and has even attempted to continue the joke (e.g. initially limited to a capped supply of 100Bn coins, they shifted to INFINITE supply) and then stopped development (it’s been 2 years).

Should We Fear The Crypto Bear?

Pundits everywhere are talking massive growth in crypto or massive crashes – the crypto bubble bursting.

However, some of the bigger minds are still looking at a possible continuation. Naval Ravikant for example sees institutional investors and some solid underpinnings as potential props to the bubble.

I agree though my best view is that the real projects – the Innovation that Naval speaks about – is where the real value is. I commented and Naval agreed (liked – that’s about as much as one could hope). Institutional investors have begun to see through some of the madness as well and are investing in the underlying technology organizations. This is powerful and I believe it shows that some of


On the flip side a business colleague Jamie Burke (author of 99% of Blockchain Startups Are Bullshit) of Outlier Ventures (disclosure: Outlier and the VC I consult with have common investments) is feeling much more negative. But still the underlying value of the companies and ecosystems drive Outlier Venture’s whole investment approach. They are long on the ecosystem play.


The bottom line for me is that it is the underlying capability that drives real long-term value. The companies and organizations that are taking advantage of what blockchain and similar technologies can do are changing the face of the internet and business. The fact that a particular cryptocurrency – or a whole basket of them – may tank when the bubble bursts may be a good thing. In the long-term.

Should you fear the crypto bear? That depends on your view.




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