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Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a tool that we use as part of our Trust Continuum™ Methodology to help your organization map out and plan its business strategy. It is a visual representation of key business components and how they work together. It helps us to see the big picture and understand the relationships between different parts of our business. This tool is particularly useful for brainstorming new ideas and for planning and executing new projects. 

Agile Method

We use the Agile method because it allows us to be flexible and responsive to our client’s needs. The Agile method is an iterative and incremental approach to software development that emphasizes collaboration, customer involvement, and continuous improvement.

We believe the Agile method is the best way to efficiently and effectively produce decentralized ecosystems. We are highly skilled and experienced in using this methodology, which means we can deliver features and functionality quickly and easily. Moreover, our clients love the transparency and flexibility that the Agile approach provides, allowing them to be intimately involved in the development process from start to finish.

Trust Continuum™ Tools

We have an extensive toolbox of proven resources. Our methods have helped leading organizations in their digital transformations.

Project Requirements vs. Stories

Some ideas or concepts are, by nature, perfect. Look at the wheel; it has remained the same for thousands of years. Wired to think in terms of stories, humans are natural storytellers. When we hear stories, we can’t help but imagine ourselves… Read more

Say No with Grace

You quickly learn that you can’t do everything when starting a business. Saying ‘no’ lets you focus on the most important things to your company and its success. More important is the ability to Say No With Grace. Read more

Make a Decision. Don’t Dither.

There are so many things that depend on decisions. In business, decisions often dictate whether a company sinks or swims. The same goes for life – a decision separates success and failure, and a decision is often the thing that changes the course… Read more

The Power of Words

We use language to communicate with each other, express our thoughts and feelings, and interact with the world. But as we all know, words can be powerful, and the power of words can often
have unintended consequences. Read more

The Future Now Problem

The Future Now Problem blurs the lines between what is feasible NOW and what is only going to be possible in the FUTURE. When the idea of what is available right NOW is blurred among the ideas of the FUTURE, you can’t differentiate between what is feasible TODAY from what is not ready for prime time. Read more

Control vs. Influence

It is natural to want to control the results we get. It is human nature to desire a particular outcome and then strive to achieve it. Control can be beneficial, but it comes at a cost that can quickly become too high to justify. Attempting to control too much can result in losing control entirely… Read more

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