Rebuilding Trust in the Digital Age: The Emergence of a Trust Layer

Picture a digital landscape where trust reigns supreme, where every online interaction is as secure as a handshake in the physical world. It’s not just a vision; it’s the focus of our latest report, created in collaboration with the Canadian Internet Registration​ Authority (CIRA). In this blog, we unveil the intriguing concept of the internet’s ’emerging trust layer’ and how it will revolutionize the internet, making it a haven of reliability and security.

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Written by Continuum Loop


In today’s interconnected world, trust in the digital landscape is more crucial than ever. A secure and trustworthy online environment becomes paramount as we increasingly intertwine our lives with the internet, from personal interactions to complex financial transactions and healthcare decisions. Recognizing this critical need, Continuum Loop, in collaboration with CIRA, has authored a new report, “A Trust Layer for the Internet is Emerging.” 

This report, the result of the collaboration between Darrell O’Donnell of Continuum Loop and Jacques Latour from CIRA, emerges as an essential resource for those innovators and early adopters leading the charge in digital innovation and strategy. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and solutions in building trust online, tailored to meet the needs of technical and business professionals in internet-centric organizations.

This pioneering document addresses the growing trust crisis in the digital realm, where the proliferation of fakes, frauds, and forgeries has significantly eroded public confidence. Our report highlights the path forward to restore and enhance trust in the internet, ensuring its role as a reliable and safe platform for future generations.

The Decline of Trust: A Wake-Up Call

It’s a concerning reality: trust in the internet is at an all-time low. In recent years, Canadians’ trust in the internet has plummeted from 71% to 57%, mirroring a global trend. The increase of fakes, frauds, and forgeries fuels this erosion of trust. This isn’t just a statistic; it has become a call to action. Organizations suffer when trust wanes, with some experiencing dramatic decreases in market capitalization after trust-related incidents.

Unveiling the Emerging Trust Layer

The report introduces an innovative concept: developing a ‘trust layer’ for the internet. This layer is a harmonious blend of technical trust (like encryption and signing) and human trust (like governance). It’s about creating a digital environment where parties can mutually authenticate each other, knowing confidently who they’re dealing with.

Trust Registries: Anchoring Digital Trust

A pivotal aspect of this trust layer is the role of trust registries. Trust registries provide authoritative answers within digital ecosystems, bridging the gap between technology and human trust. Furthermore, the concept of Registry of Registries (RoR) is explored to create an interconnected web of trust across various ecosystems.

From Wallets to Trust: A Paradigm Shift

Originally intended as an update to the 2019 “The Wallet Report,” the focus of this study shifted to the more critical issue of building trustworthy systems on the internet. It’s a response to the growing awareness that while security is essential, more is needed for establishing trust.

Navigating the Path to an Enhanced Trust Layer

The journey to build a trust layer on the internet, as outlined in the report, is challenging but vital. It requires a delicate balance of technical trust and human trust. The report underscores the importance of governance in maintaining trust and the critical role of trust registries in anchoring trust within digital ecosystems.

A Call to Action

The report concludes with a powerful message: we can reverse the decline in internet trust. By developing a trust layer, we can once again rely on the internet as a secure and trustworthy platform. It’s a shared responsibility to build and maintain this trust layer, not just for the benefit of digital ecosystems but for society as a whole.

Rebuilding Trust in Our Digital World

While the path ahead is challenging, the blueprint for a trustworthy internet is becoming clearer. Through the collaborative efforts of Continuum Loop and CIRA, we have charted a course towards an internet that balances technical trust with human trust, underpinned by the essential role of trust registries. These components are not just parts of a system but the pillars upon which we can construct an inherently reliable and secure digital realm.

Technical and Human Synergy: The Heart of the Emerging Trust Layer

The success of the emerging trust layer will not be measured solely by its technical strength but by the trust it fosters in our digital relationships. Developing and nurturing this trust layer is a collective responsibility with significant promise for revolutionizing digital ecosystems and enriching our society.

As we embark on this journey to reforge trust in the digital landscape, we do so with a clear understanding of the transformative potential of the trust layer and trust registries. This report is more than an analysis; it is a call to action for creating a future where trust is the cornerstone of our digital interactions. The time to act is now – to shape a functional and fundamentally trustworthy internet.

Key Takeaways

  • The Internet’s Trust Deficit Needs to Be Repaid: Key trust-related decisions in the internet’s evolution were delayed or ignored, leaving the digital realm needing more essential capabilities to establish trust.
  • The Necessity of Trust Registries: Trust registries, including the innovative concept of a Registry of Registries (RoR), are crucial in creating a web of trust across ecosystems and anchoring the trust layer.
  • Ecosystem Diversity: Each digital ecosystem operates uniquely, and trust registries help unify diverse players and governance structures.
  • Leveraging Existing Systems: Existing systems hold the answers needed to establish trust; the challenge lies in accessing and integrating this information.
  • The Value of Trusted Interactions: Trusted interactions are increasingly valuable, and trust registries are pivotal in driving value up and costs down in the digital landscape.

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