I woke up in the middle of the night (too many exciting and scary thoughts bouncing around in my skull apparently) and was silly enough to see a tweet roll by where Naval Ravikant was engaging with MalwareJake.

Naval’s answers provide a hint of what the future of decentralization provides. Some of the use cases are intriguing but not ones that will create multi-billion dollar industries. But I like where Naval is taking this.

His further response got me thinking even more – because I agree 100% with “Personal Identity Ownership” as a multi-billion dollar (or larger) ecosystem.

So I chipped in with an idea – one that I’ve committed to for the next 5-10 years.


You see, Digital Identity underpins everything that we do online and a lot of what we do offline. Pretty much each of Naval’s use cases benefit from an effective digital identity. To me that means a self-sovereign/decentralized identity that I control. In the case of an organization (e.g. corporation) it may have its own digital identity – along with relationships with employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, etc.

We’ve invested heavily in Evernym and Sovrin because of our belief that the ecosystem that is created for digital identity is enormously powerful and it will shake many industries. I call it ecosystems – Andreas Klinger calls it markets. Naval agrees.


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