There are so many things that depend on decisions. In business, decisions often dictate whether a company sinks or swims. The same goes for life – a decision separates success and failure, and a decision is often the thing that changes the course – to defeat or higher levels of success.

But if you don’t MAKE A DECISION, you’re likely just dithering, and your project (and potentially your company) are at significant risk.

When we’re brought in for a project, it’s usually because the situation is in one of two states:

  • In Distress – projects that are slipping deadlines, over budget, and generally off course; or
  • Can’t Fail – projects that will make or break an organization.

The most common problem is that decisions must be made in both cases. Often the team is “too smart” or “too good” at the pre-decision steps.

They are incredible at:

  • Discovering – learning what the problem and problem space are.
  • Debating – consider alternatives, usually as a team.
  • Designing – determining possible solutions.
  • Documenting – getting things down in words, diagrams, and other artifacts, so others have a reference.
  • and some more D—ing (developing, discussing, dreaming)

The problem with these steps is that they can feed each other. Each of these steps is crucial, and you may need to go through them more than once; but when you keep looping and never reach a DECISION, you’re just DITHERING. Making decisions has saved more projects than any single factor, at least in my career. So, get out there and make a decision!

Keep being awesome!


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