Creation of Trusted Ecosystems with the Trust Continuum™ Methodology.

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Written by Continuum Loop


Simplifying the Creation of Trusted Ecosystems

The Creation of trusted ecosystems can be complex and challenging, especially in education. In our latest webinar, we introduced the Trust Continuum™ methodology to simplify the creation of trusted ecosystems. Our approach aligns with the Trust Over IP 4-Layer model and has proven successful across multiple industries.’s Decentralized Education Product

The webinar featured Laura Brugioni, founder of, who discussed their decentralized education product – a course reader for Atala PRISM – the Foundations of Decentralized Identity. The result of the course reader emphasized the need for comprehensive training material on SSI and the endless possibilities for this technology to be used in education and across sectors.

Creation of the Right Conditions for Trusted Ecosystems to Form and Flourish

Continuum Loop is working with to create the right conditions for their trusted ecosystem to form and flourish. Our Trust Continuum™ methodology provides a valuable tool for simplifying the creation of trusted ecosystems. We emphasize collaboration, adaptability, and a commitment to creating sustainable and prosperous ecosystems.

Governance Frameworks for Trusted Ecosystems

During the webinar, we highlighted the importance of simple, executable governance frameworks that can be adapted to each ecosystem’s unique needs. Our tools are all Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0), making them available for anyone to adopt and adapt.

Understanding, Exploring, Designing, Building, and Nurturing Ecosystems

We also discussed how various ecosystems could be understood, explored, designed, built, and nurtured. By leveraging the Trust Continuum™ methodology, we can create dynamic ecosystems that are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Q&A Session

We were thrilled to receive so many great questions from our attendees. Unfortunately, we couldn’t address them all during the Q&A period, which began at the 45-minute mark. However, we wanted to ensure we answered all questions, so we’ve provided them below.

Where else will you be funding scholarships?  What places – what courses? What about other languages? is working to create more programs with Atala Prism (languages, etc.) and working to duplicate the pattern with other programs. We want to fund scholarships across various fields.  By working closely with educational institutions and subject matter experts, we will identify high-impact courses that hold the potential to create meaningful change in students’ lives. We recognize the importance of linguistic diversity and are committed to expanding our offerings in multiple languages. As we grow, we plan to work with experts in different regions to create and publish course content in various languages, making education accessible to a broader audience. is continually exploring strategic partnerships, such as the one with Atala Prism, to enhance our platform’s capabilities and reach.

There’s a lot of complicated tech here – wouldn’t it be easier to write a cheque?

We can ensure greater transparency and accountability in scholarship distribution by leveraging blockchain technology, allowing for more efficient funds management and increased trust among all stakeholders.

We appreciate the engagement and enthusiasm of our audience and look forward to future opportunities to connect and share insights on creating trusted ecosystems!

Creating Trusted Ecosystems Across Multiple Industries

Thank you to Laura for sharing more about, and we encourage you to check out for minting the NFTs – it’s coming soon! With the right conditions in place, any ecosystem can flourish, and we look forward to continuing our work in creating trusted ecosystems across multiple industries.

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One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization – Dee Hock

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