Alexa Blockchain Briefing

Our founder, Darrell, runs a flash briefing with the Alexa Blockchain Briefing. Short bits of news aimed to educate you on an area where blockchain is relevant. There are 2 main feeds.

Alexa Blockchain Briefing

Aimed at a business audience Darrell provides a quick (maximum 2-minutes – usually about 1-minute) update with:

  • Short updates on blockchain projects that are making progress out in the wild because you need to be aware of what’s out there to take advantage of it. You’ll hear about proof of concept projects, pilots, and fully operational systems and more.
  • News and trends that are key to understand from a business perspective.

The audience for the Alexa Blockchain Briefing is business executives and business thinkers and geeks that want to get the business side.

Blockchain Identity

Digital Identity is really the killer app for blockchain and it will impact more tech and business than most other blockchain projects. In this feed, you’ll get:

  • Examples of real-world use to drive home how things are changing.
  • Questions to drive your thinking about digital identity. The shift that blockchain identity is creating is big so we’re hoping to help make that leap (this is what we do with clients – it is impactful to see the “aha!” moments).
  • Finally, we cover the comings and goings in the space – particularly where Sovrin is being adopted. Audience: a bit geekier, but still business and scenario focused.

The audience for the Blockchain Identity feed is a bit geekier but our focus is still on the business level.

Enjoy the Alexa Blockchain Briefing – we’re happy to keep you current.