2023 Wallet Report Update: Emerging Trust Layer, Trust Registries & Interoperability 

Dive into the latest insights on the evolving wallet landscape. Discover the emerging trust layer, the rising role of trust registries, and the quest for genuine interoperability.

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Written by Continuum Loop


Darrell O’Donnell was recently invited by the Hyperledger Foundation to shed light on the latest developments in the wallet space since the original Wallet Report in 2019. He addressed the Identity Special Interest Group, and we’re thrilled to spotlight his insightful presentation.

The Hyperledger Foundation is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering global collaboration for adopting and advancing enterprise-grade technologies.

In the live webinar, Darrell delved into key updates to the Wallet Report, focusing on the emerging trust layer, trust registries, and interoperability in digital ecosystems.

Didn’t get a chance to attend live? No worries. The complete presentation is available for replay on YouTube.

🎥 Watch the Recording

We’ve also made the presentation deck available for those keen on diving deep. This comprehensive slide deck visually explores the topics covered during the webinar.

📄 Download the Presentation Deck

Key Takeaways:

  • The Emerging Trust Layer: The internet lacks a Trust Layer. At the Trust Over IP Foundation, we’re addressing this gap by aligning governance with technology to ensure seamless integration.
  • Trust Registries: They are more than just crucial. They serve as the foundational anchor for digital trust ecosystems, and their importance is increasingly being recognized.
  • Interoperability & Conformance: We have not achieved Interoperability. Achieving genuine interoperability demands a conformance suite that backs up the specification and works in synergy.

We’re grateful to the Hyperledger Foundation for providing a platform to share these insights and to everyone who attended the session. 

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