Continuum Loop Inc.

We’re not your typical consulting firm.

Our clients tell us that all the time.

Apparently other firms love to tell you about their past projects. We’d rather listen about the challenges and opportunities that you face. Other shops like to brag about their work and billing. We brag about how awesome our clients and their projects are.

We are all about helping you change to respond to technology threats or opportunities, particular where blockchain (aka distributed ledger technology) and self sovereign identity come into play.

We insist on knowing, with certainty, that the full lifecycle of your project is well understood and well handled before we conclude a project. All too often investments in technology become liabilities because the lifecycle wasn’t handled well. If we don’t see a long-term plan in place we’ll either get one in place or advise you not to proceed with a project.

If you’re looking for a new and fresh approach – reach out. We’re savvy in many industries: Banking/FinTech, BioTech/Pharma/Healthcare, Military, Logistics/Distribution, and Public Safety/Emergency Management.

We’ll see what we can help you with. If it doesn’t fit what we do, we’ll do our best to recommend someone who we trust that can serve you better.